Connect Ideas – Maximize Impact: Open Discussion

After the Symposium Connect Ideas – Maximize Impact on June 29th we would like to continue this process. First of all we invite you to discuss the different issues that were brought up on this day. Please review the different topics by watching the videos and comment! For commenting please register – see button to the left.
  • Throughout human history, design and technology have shaped the world we live in. Design is a key to addressing the challenges of the built environment including energy consumption, human migration, urbanization, quality of life, sustainability etc. How do we expand integrated design from a buzzword to standard practice?
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  • If less than 2 % of the built environment is formally designed, what does this mean for designers who hope to maximize impact? Do we need to refocus the intention, purpose, or scope of design? Is there unharnessed power in design to educate, inspire, or influence?
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  • Integration of innovative technology and design has indicated the way to better buildings and systems. How can this approach be enlarged to maximize impact? Do technology and systems influence design or vice versa? How can we accelerate the rate of change towards integrated design and technology? How do we address the enormous disparities in technical capabilities of the built environment around the world?
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  • Population growth, urban migration and climate change are areas that will have disproportionate impact on the built environment. Can we reframe these factors from challenges to exciting social and business opportunities? Do growth and change create economic and social potential?
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  • It is expected that 70 % of the world population will live in cities by 2050. One billion people live in informal cities, every day 200,000 migrate into the urban environment. The hyper-sustainable planned city remains an exception. Do we need to consider alternative design and development models to allow the emergence of sustainable cities?
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  • Governance and the economy have the biggest potential impact on the built environment. Existing political structures and economic rules are inappropriate to cope with the complex and dynamic changes of the globalized world. What are the drivers of change? Do design and the built environment play a role in transforming political and economic systems or opinions? Or is it the other way around?
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